February has been a busy month for Gemini Machine Works. Senior Management hosted two groups of international visitors last week in what is becoming increasingly common as Gemini continues to develop opportunities abroad.

Last week, Mr. Tumen, Gemini strategic joint venture partner and owner/director of Mongolia’s largest raw materials supplier Tumen Tumurt LLC, visited our Nisku facilities for the first time. No stranger to the inside of Gemini’s conference room, via video streaming, it was a pleasure to have him attend meetings in person.

While touring both facilities, not surprisingly he was right at home out on the shop floor looking at materials and discussing various processes through his interpreter and son Puna.

“As we continue to develop opportunities abroad we welcome our clients & strategic partners to visit our facilities and get a real feel for who we are, what we do and how we do it.”

Chris Neitsch

Later that week, the newest members of our Business Development team spent two full days getting a firsthand look at our manufacturing & repair processes, technologies and capabilities. Having traveled from Mexico City the Alberta weather certainly took them by surprise.

Alberto, Silvia & Hector (Team Latin America) will be putting their extensive oil & gas and mining industry experience to use representing Gemini with clients across Latin America.

Gemini Machine Works Inc. is a world-class manufacturing solutions provider with a passion for precision, quality, and innovation.

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