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Expansion into Second Facility

Generous Growth Leads to New Welding, Fabrication & Heavy Equipment Repair Facility

To enhance our welding and fabrication programs; Gemini is also expanding into a second facility in Nisku, Alberta. This 36,000‐sq. ft. facility situated on 7.5 acres and a total crane capacity of 50 Tons, will house all welding for piping, vessels, structural steel, and the associated fabrication services as well as our welded build‐up, repairs, and overlay systems.
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Casing Head Adapters
What is being called one of Edmonton’s most complex infrastructure projects to date, the Walterdale Bridge, has been a sight to behold as we’ve watched it progress from theory to construction. Despite the delays that garnered plenty of attention with some understandably disappointed Edmontonians watching from the side lines not able to enjoy this new marvel of engineering for just a little bit longer.

Here at Gemini Machine, we feel incredibly honored that we have been able to contribute to this soon to be iconic feat of architectural design and structural engineering. As some readers may already know, Gemini was given the privilege of providing a sizable portion of structural steel fabrication and machining services. Thanks to our pre-existing scalable capacities we were able to successfully provide top quality and quick turnaround for all services needed by the bridge team.

Here around the shop, the staff are waiting for the day we can drive across that red carpet river crossing; and the right to annoy loved ones in the car by reminding them that our team got to play a vital role in the bridges development!



Gemini had the privilege to build this portion of the top drive grabber, in this particular case we felt it deserved a place on our news is it offers a chance to showcase raw machining.

Not just a rough cast being cleaned up, but from a solid piece of steel to a complex finished product without leaving the shop. That in its self is impressive, however it doesn’t come easy, this project did take several of Gemini’s specialized machines as well many highly skilled people to meet our standard and the clients expectations.


Casing Head Adapters

Another huge piece rolling off the line here. I’ve been told they are casing head adapters. Imagine how big the castings must be if these are just the adapters.

A lot of people here worked extra hard to ensure these things came out perfect for the client. I however choose to believe they are industrial strength bird habitats, specifically for “troubled” Canadian geese.