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Industry & Compliance Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

Certificate # 84478/A0001/UK/EN

Expiry Date: September 10, 2020

Recognition of Gemini’s Quality Management System ISO compliance

Design, Production and Machining of Traveling Blocks and Hook Blocks as per API 8C, Repair Machining, Welding & Fabrication Repair Services

Alberta Boiler Safety Association (ABSA) Certification to ASME Section VIII-1 Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels

  • ASME Section VIII-1

Pressure Piping

  • ASME B31.1 Boiler External Piping
  • ASME B31.1 Power Piping
  • ASME B31.3 Process Piping

Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Certification to CSA Standard W47.1 – Division 2

Company Code: CEMMA1

Expiry Date: 13-APR-2021

Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel in DIVISION 2

Health, Safety & Compliance

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

Certificate # 20151103-2391

WCB Industry Code(s): 30801

  • Developed and implemented an occupational health and safety program
  • Met the standard for Partnerships through an independent evaluation of Gemini’s health and safety program



Health, Safety & Environment Statement

Gemini Machine Works is committed to providing our clients with the highest level and quality of service. One of the primary ingredients for accomplishing this goal is the safety and well-being of our employees. On-going hazard analysis, communication and training will provide our workers with the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs efficiently and with reduced risk.

Gemini Machine Works has developed a comprehensive health and safety manual outlining company policies, safe work practices and procedures, programs to ensure adequate hazard identification, control, and worker training.

Management will set an example and provide leadership in the health and safety program. They will develop safe work procedures along with the help and input from the employees. Management will provide training and equipment appropriate for the tasks for all employees and ensure that all safety procedures are followed.

All employees are responsible for adherence to company rules and standards while performing their work, and for taking measures to ensure their own safety and that of other employees and the public.

Contractors and sub-contractors are responsible for their own health and safety, and that of others in the work place. Contractors are to follow our health and safety policies as well as all applicable health and safety legislation.

Our goal is a healthy, injury free, productive working environment for our employees and for others around us. Through personal commitment and active participation we can achieve this goal.