Hex Slide Flow Through

hex slide (locking) flow through swivel

DCD Design and Gemini Machine Works have partnered to designed, built, and field test a revolutionary hex slide (locking) flow through swivel which can accompany all ranges of swivels from 20 Ton to 500 Ton.

This locking – flow through swivel can be utilized in a variety of applications for HDD Drilling; however, we’ve found one of the most common usages is the exit side crossings whereby a larger rig is on the entrance of the hole and there is a smaller rig on the exit side of the hole which is assisting / pushing the pipe through the hole crossing. This locking – flow through swivel helps rotate and pushes mud through as the hole is being reamed.

DCD & Gemini Partnership

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To date, we’ve undertaken these flow through swivel designs for 220 Ton, 110 Ton and 80 Ton swivels.
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